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Free surgery opinion from Dr Boonchai
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Free surgery opinion from Dr Boonchai
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Surgical Name : Augmentation Mammaplasty  
Hospital Admission: 1-2 nights  
Duration of Operation: 2-6 Hours  
Anesthetic: General Anesthesia  
Recommended stay in Bangkok: 7-10 days  

Who benefits from male breast reduction?
  • Clients with primary enlarged breasts which developed in puberty.
  • Clients with secondary gynecomastia as a result of things like obesity, use of certain drugs such as steroids, alcohol, marijuana or any substances that alter normal testosterone/estrogen levels such as finasteride.
How is male breast reduction surgery performed?
There are two surgical options available; liposuction and surgical incision. The surgical technique used will very much depend on the volume of breast tissue to be removed and whether or not skin reduction is required. In some cases, both liposuction and surgical incision is necessary.

Liposuction – used to improve chest appearance when the amount of tissue to be removed is small. Two small incisions are made on the side of the chest. Using liposuction, the fatty excess tissue is removed. This procedure is effective at reducing the overall size and volume of the breast zone and whilst it doesn’t create a completely flat chest, it does have the advantage of leaving minimal, unnoticeable scarring.

Surgical excision – used when the volume of tissue to be removed is extensive. Incisions are made just under the areola (the dark skin surrounding the nipple) and the excess fat/ glandular tissue is cut out, achieving a dramatic reduction in volume and size. In some cases, particularly after sizeable weight loss, sagging skin also needs to be removed and the nipples repositioned to match the new chest contour.

The incisions are usually along the lower edge of the areola but sometimes can extend further. The exact pattern of scarring will vary from person to person depending on the volume of skin and tissue to be excised. Surgical excision tends to flatten and improve the look of the chest more than liposuction alone but it does involve more noticeable scarring.

Pre-Operative Care
  • Our team will evaluate your medical history to check for conditions that may delay the surgery or the healing process. Some of the common conditions are:
  • Bleeding tendencies – problems with blood clotting, or lack of clotting
  • Scarring problems you have had in the past – like keloid scars and hypertrophic scars
  • Hypertension (High blood pressure) – particularly if it is not under control.
  • Smoking – this may affect your reaction to the anaesthetic and prolong the healing process. Please stop smoking 4 weeks prior to surgery.
Please avoid aspirin and brufen-containing medication for two weeks prior to surgery to eliminate the chance of post op bleeding. Generally it is best to continue any blood pressure or blood sugar medications. These may safely be taken with a sip of water on the morning of surgery.

Male breast reduction surgery requires the use of elastic garment after the procedure. You can either bring your own or you can buy them at the clinic. We recommend buying them after the consultation with your surgeon who will try the elastic garments on and decide which size and type is suitable for you.

Post-Operative Care
You will need to wear an elastic garment for a few weeks after the operation. As well as helping to relieve discomfort and reduce swelling, the bandage will help the chest maintain its new shape whilst it heals. 

Painkilling medication will also help you to manage any pain that you may experience.

The amount of time you will need off work will depend on the procedure performed and on the nature of your job but most people tend to return to work within two weeks of surgery. While you will be asked to keep mobile, you will be advised to avoid any strenuous activity for approximately four weeks. 

You will need to return to the hospital for a series of follow up appointments to make sure your wounds are healing as they should.

It will take about 3 months before you see the final result of your surgery as this is how long it takes normal skin to shrink following liposuction.

Scars, unfortunately, are a necessary part of any surgical procedure. The incision across the areola heals much better than the incision to the adjacent skin. Usually the areola heals extremely well so that it is not visible. Temporary numbness diminishes over the next 3 months.

Prices include all hospital, operating room, anaesthetists’ and doctors’ fees, a single private room, standard meals, medications and medical supplies. Generally patients will only pay an additional amount for telephone calls and additional meals extra to the standard hospital supplied meals.
Breast glandular excision
THB 90,000
Breast glandular Excision and Liposuction both chest
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